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Our New Double Rooms Standard Plus - PART 1

Our newly renovated rooms have been designed following different themes that emphasize the territory of Limone sul Garda and its most important traditions.

Each of them is represented by a sentence written on the wall.

In this first blog post, we would like to present you Room N.1. The FISHING TRADITION is the topic. It is a very important component of Limone sul Garda's culture.

Interior design of the room
Interior picture of Room N.1

The sentence of this room is:"A San Simù sbrega vele e rot timù"

This proverb in the local dialect means: "On St. Simon’s Day, the sails tear and the rudders break”.

The 26th of May is known as St. Simons’s Day, and it is well known to fishermen of Lake Garda because the wind blows particularly strongly on this day. The wind is usually so strong that it can actually damage boats and fishing equipment.

The fishing tradition is deeply rooted in the history of Limone sul Garda, as it has always been one of the main sources of income for the population, before the construction of the Gardesana Road and the start of the tourism industry.

Fishermen used to know every trade secret, from the winds, and the depths of the lakebed to the currents and the direction they had to point the boats when fishing.

Original fishing net used on the Lake by local fisherman

They were using special fishing nets called “spigònse” (like the one that hangs in this room)

to fish different kinds of fish, such as whitefish, carpione, pikes, alborella, perches, and chubs.

Stay tuned for the presentation of Room N. 2 and don't hesitate to comment down below to let us know how you like the first room!

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